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If  Nature is so open to welcome us here, perhaps it is also because she feels respected here.

Every choice of ours starts from this will which, for us, is a choice of life.

Everything in the house, from masonry to bedding, is made from old recycled materials.

We work for self-sustaining with the farm, the vegetable garden, the orchard, the cultivation of cereals.

The water we drink is purified, when we need it hot we use solar panels, when we want to heat we use wood from our woods.

The products we do not produce are purchased only from local suppliers who work with ethics and respect. We do not waste water, electricity and food and ask our guests to do the same. While not making us miss anything.

We wash the laundry with natural hypoallergenic soaps completely biodegradable and stretch it in the sun, the most powerful and effective antibacterial existing in Nature.

We keep animals in our small farm not to entertain tourists but to make them feel comfortable in natural and protected environments. For this reason we ask you to approach them with respect and in silence: the language that our animal friends understand very well. And that expresses who we are more than any other.

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